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SEQ Consulting


Our Story


We will help your team create a more diverse and equitable workforce.
We offer high-level consulting and coaching services that are tailored to your needs. We work with individual clients along with small to mid-size corporations to create productive and thriving workspaces by facilitating cultural change. We nurture collaboration while amplifying the impact and sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences.
Ultimately, we will help create an emotionally intelligent, inclusive culture for a more thriving, diverse workplace.

Our Team

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Rachelle Carrie 

Rachelle is the Founder of SEQ Consulting,
a boutique firm that is located in South Florida.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the corporate, education, and non-profit industries, we help organizations implement DEI initiatives into their framework.

As a fearless consultant, advocate, and author, she centers her passion around collaborating while amplifying impact through sharing, knowledge, resources, and creating an inclusive culture for the thriving businesses at large. Her two books: “Emotional Intelligence: “A Tool Kit for Managing Diversity Equity & Inclusion” and “Know Yourself To Know Your Employees are both sold on Amazon

Dr. Enin Rudel

Dr. Enin Rudel holds a PsyD. in Organizational Leadership Psychology with a concentration in the Neuroscience of Leadership, and an MSW in Clinical Social work. As an organizational psychologist, through the use of dialogic practices, he creates space for employees to bring their authentic selves into the workplace. He is a thought leader, and an innovator in DEI. Dr. Rudel’s approaches are rooted in emotional intelligence and his award-winning, publication titled: “Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Social Architecture, and Black Male Leadership”, offered the first resource for global DEI leaders on how to elevate retention and leadership of Black male executives.

Enin is the Director of the Inclusive Leadership Psychology Concentration at William James College and serves as teaching faculty in the Organizational Leadership Psychology Department.

He is a Senior Consultant with IBIS Consulting Group and founder and principal of EI Consulting, LLC. Dr. Rudel is a member of Boston Facilitator’s Roundtable and the American Psychological Association.

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